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If you need a hand preparing land for a construction project, choose Mike Damman's Poured Walls. We're known throughout the Litchfield, MI area for our top-notch site preparation services. Whether you need help clearing and grading your lot or setting up for a basement addition, you can depend on us to do the job right. We'll work hard to make sure your property is prepped properly so that your project starts on time every time.

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Details about our excavation services

Details about our excavation services

Adding a basement to an existing home has never been easier thanks to Mike Damman's Poured Walls. We offer unmatched site prep and excavation services in Litchfield, MI and the surrounding area. Before you start building, hire us to:

  • Clear the construction site and survey the home's foundation
  • Use our specialized tools to dig the ideal hole for the project
  • Create the new footings for the basement and line them up with the existing foundation

When you choose Mike Damman's Poured Walls for excavation services, you can rest assured your project will get started on the right foot.

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